The Benefits of Rugby

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Many young boys who have played their form of rugby on rough fields have run and scored their way to the Rugby World CupRugby was developed in England, but today it is an international sport of massive popularity. Whether it’s played competitively or for recreation, its a sport that can keep you healthy and fit.

Rugby is a compelling game and a fantastic way to ensure your fitness. There are plenty of good reasons why you should become involved in sport. Rugby is a contact sport and while there are  risks associated with contact sports like this, there are some excellent health benefits too.

A Whole-Body Workout

Activity with rugby can vary significantly, depending on the position you play. One of the benefits of rugby in terms of a thorough workout is that rugby is a whole-body sport. Every single muscle of yours is going to get a thorough workout. Apart from using your legs to run or walk backwards and forwards across the field, you’ll also be incorporating upper body part muscles throwing the ball and taking part in that rough behaviour in the scrums.

Apart from the awesome health benefits rugby offers, let’s look at some other advantages the sport offers –

  • One of the huge benefits of rugby is fandom – feeling connected and affiliated with like-minded people. Sitting among fans and shouting for a team gives you a feeling of well-being and connection. Doing something together, like having your country’s flag painted on your face or putting on a rugby cap in your team’s colours can have a powerful ‘belonging’ effect. When people smile at your or give you the thumbs up, endorphin are released and you feel a positive aura about you.


  • Apart from the tremendous health benefits enjoyed from rugby, there are also character building benefits. Rugby players have to be super resilient and persevere till the final whistle blows. They can be chafed, sore and in pain but their goal is to fight on to the end. Playing rugby at school teaches children to face- and tackle challenges themselves. When children learn the value of setting goals and facing challenge, it helps set them up for a lifetime.


  • When you play rugby you’re part of a team, a cohesive unit with the goal to win. The camaraderie built from this goal to win builds strong relationships. The glory of victory binds a team together who regard each other as heroes. There’s nothing like a drop goal at the end of game to put your team in the lead. When you claim an unforgettable victory, the proud moment and joy is a united team effort.


  • In a national rugby team, you feel cared for. Player welfare is a top priority for World Rugby and research is always being undertaken to reduce risks with the game.


  • Another benefit with rugby, particularly with children wanting to take part, is that rugby is a role-model sport that draws attention to anti-doping. World Rugby has their Keep Rugby Clean program which is focused on educating players about the importance of staying clean in sport. World Rugby has a zero tolerance policy on doping.


  • Time Management – time is a precious resource – it can’t be replaced and it needs to be used carefully to balance practices and games. Rugby teaches you how to keep time fastidiously. The coach has to initiate steps that will move the rugby team towards achieving their mission – a win. Poor time management has negative consequences and this can be a major source of stress for coach and players.

There are so many benefits when you’re involved in rugby, and while the health and fitness benefits are the most obvious, rugby can change a person from within and turn them into unusual individuals with an amazing set of talents.

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