Cheat Sheet for Rugby Newbies

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Cheat sheets can be so useful to anyone really, but they’re essentially for newbies who need a quick-reference guide to literally anything they want information on. Essentially these cheat sheets are a quick reference tool with brief instructions to find out how to watch Rugby as a newbie.

Get the Low-down on Common Rugby Terms

A cheat sheet for rugby newbies can be a great way for a complete novice to get an idea of what is being spoken about when rugby jargon is being used.

If you play rugby or you watch it, a cheat sheet full of rugby jargon can ensure you always know basically what is happening on the field. If you’ve been invited to the latest international rugby game with friends, to avoid coming across as a total ignoramus, a rugby cheat sheet can be an excellent way to slowly get acquainted with some of the terms you might come across.

Let’s just look at a few rugby terms you need to add to your cheat sheet –

  • Scrum – if there has been an infringement, the ref may decide on a scrum, and then a configuration of players from each team form a circle and the ref calls out touch, pause, engage. Once the word engage has been called out, the two teams collide and the scrum half puts the ball in the scrum with both teams pushing forward to prevent the other team from getting the ball.


  • Ruck – this is the point where a tackle occurred. When a ruck is declared, only a players feet can touch the ball – no hands. Once the ball is out the ruck, play continues.


  • Passing – the rugby ball may only be passed from one player to the next with a backward pass. A forward pass is penalised.


  • Line-out – play is restarted when the ball goes into touch or out of bounds, the Forwards of each side line up parallel to each other and the ball is thrown in to the middle of the Forwards. Usually the lock forwards catch the ball and they go into a ruck and play continues.


  • Conversion – if a team scores a try, they can convert it for 2 additional points by kicking the ball through the rugby posts and scoring a goal. It’s a good tip to score a try near to the posts as a conversion kick is taken from a point on the field in line with the area where the ball was put down.


  • Try – this is scored when a rugby players puts the ball down over the opponent’s goal line. If there is foul play so that the player couldn’t score, a penalty try is awarded.


  • Drop Goal – it’s a spectacular way to finish a rugby match and put a team in the lead. The player kicks the ball from hand through the opposition’s goal posts, letting it drop to the ground and kicking it after it has bounced. It requires some experience and skill to score a drop goal. Jonny Wilkinson scored with a drop kick when England beat Australia in the World Cup final in 2003.So did Joel Stransky when his drop goal late in extra time allowed South Africa to beat the All Blacks and win the 1995 Rugby World Cup. A drop goal gives a rugby team 3 points.


Familiarise Yourself with Rugby Jargon and with Times and Dates


A rugby cheat sheet is such a handy reference guide for you if you need to get familiar with the game. Not only can you quickly scan over them to figure out what rugby people are talking about, you can also make sure yours has got the times and places of where the next great rugby event is going to be.

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  1. Thanks a lot for the sheet! I didn’t look like an idiot last night watching rugby with my mates!

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